Japanese food culture and the logistical importance of Osaka

The Japanese Food culture we have built was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013 as a Wasyoku.
Now a day, you can see people line up in front of sushi restaurants and ramen shops. These types of Japanese restaurants have spread out to the United States, China, and Europe. Japanese processed foods are also being found on people`s tables all over the world. Many children from around the world eat Japanese snacks as well. Japanese food is becoming popular in many other countries.Japanese food is known for its high quality and trustworthiness. This has made Japanese food spread all over the world and still spreading to the big cities abroad.Daibustu company is located in Osaka, which is one of the 3 largest cities in Japan.
Osaka used to be called Tenka no daidokoro which means”central kitchen of Japan.” All the food ingredients from all over Japan came together in Osaka, which made Osaka a central city in commerce and food distribution.

Daibutsu was founded in Osaka. Osaka has nurtured Japanese food culture with the aid of Daibutsu.
Our mission is delivering safe and reliable food.

Introduction of Daibutsu Company



About Daibutsu

We have been making careful and resourceful responses in order to provide better products to all our customers for the past 60 years.
We have always been trying to give good service by responding to the needs of our customers.We approach the unpredictable food market by using our connections with food makers and also by using our own experience and knowledge in our own style community-based manner.
We are a Wholesale food company. We offer the best products to meet the expectations of our customers.

With our motto of safe and reliable products, we will continuously improve customer satisfaction and continue to contribute to the industry while building more reliable relationships with our customers.